efa inventory device execute-cli

Runs a specified command on one or more devices.


efa inventory device execute-cli [ --ip ip-addr | --fabric fabric-devices | --role role-devices | --command command | --config { config-term | exec-mode }]


--ip ip-addr
Specifies a comma-separated range of device IP addresses. For example:,,
--fabric fabric-devices
Specifies all devices in the specified fabric.
--role role-devices
Specifies devices in the fabric, based on their role.
--command command
Specifies a comma-separated or semicolon-separated list of commands to run on the devices.
--config { config-term | exec-mode }
Indicates whether commands are for config-term or exec-mode. The default value is exec-mode.


# efa inventory device execute-cli --ip 
--command "Interface ethernet 0/1, no reload-delay enable" --config