Changes the host name in the EFA system after EFA is deployed.


efa-change-hostname old-host-name


Specifies the host name that you are changing.

Usage Guidelines

Host name changes are supported in single-node and multi-node deployments.

Running this command by itself does not change the host name. For the complete procedure, see the "Change the Host Name or IP Address" topic in the "System Management" section of the Extreme Fabric Automation Administration Guide.

Run this command as a root user or as a user with sudo privileges.

In a TPVM deployment, run this command from /apps/bin/.

In a single-node deployment, EFA is not operational while this command is running. In a multi-node deployment, EFA remains operational if the command is running on the standby node. EFA is not operational if the command is running on the active node.


This example shows standard output for the command.

$ sudo efa-change-hostname <old-host-name>

Reading host name of the system
Restarting mariadb service
Restarting k3s service
Checking k3s for the new host name
Host is in ready state in k3s
Setting current host as active node
Deleting old host name references
Waiting for EFA containers to start
Successfully updated host name in EFA