efa inventory device register

Registers a device.


efa inventory device register [ --ip ip-list | --username username |--password password |--maintmode-enable-on-reboot|--location string ]




IPv6 is not supported in Fabric suite.
--ip ip-list
Specifies a comma separated range of device IP addresses. Can be either IPv4 or IPv6 IP addresses. Example:,2000::1.
--username username
Specifies the user name to connect to the device.
--password password
Specifies password to connect to the device.
Configures a device to reboot in maintenance mode.
--location string
Location to connect to the device.

Usage Guidelines

If, during device registration, the device is found to be in maintenance mode, then an error is returned and registration fails. To take the device out of maintenance mode before reattempting device registration, you must perform a manual procedure.