efa tenant epg delete

Deletes an endpoint group.


efa tenant epg delete [ --force | --name epg-name | --tenant tenant-name ]


Forces the deletion of any endpoint group that is tied to the tenant.
--name epg-name
Specifies the name of the endpoint group or a comma-separated list of names to be deleted. Example: EPG-1 or EPG-1,EPG2,EPG3.
--tenant tenant-name
Specifies the tenant name.

Usage Guidelines

Before deleting a tenant, delete any endpoint group that is tied to the tenant to remove any port level configurations on the device that are defined by the endpoint group. Failure to do this causes EFA to return an error. Using the –force option overrides this error and deletes the underlying endpoint group configuration on the device.


The following example deletes a specific EPG.

(efa:extreme)extreme@node-1:~$ efa tenant epg delete --name epg2 --tenant tenant11

EndpointGroup: epg2 deleted successfully.

--- Time Elapsed: 5.853148185s ---

The following example deletes a specific EPG forcefully and ignores any error.

(efa:extreme)extreme@node-1:~$ efa tenant delete --name tenant12 --force

Tenant delete with force will delete associated Vrfs, EndpointGroups and PortChannels. 
Do you want to proceed (Y/N): y

Tenant deleted successfully.

--- Time Elapsed: 3.258645739s ---