What's New in this Document

The following table describes information added to this guide for the Extreme Fabric Automation 2.2.0 software release.

Table 1. Summary of changes
Feature Description Link
Data Consistency This feature ensures that SLX devices have the correct configuration before allowing traffic. Data Consistency
Redundant Management Network This feature provides fault tolerance for the management path. Redundant Management Network
RASlog Service The RASlog service is aware of all devices that are registered with EFA services and processes events only from those devices. RASlog Service
Supported Platform Matrix New tables in this topic describe deployment models and supported TPVM versions. Supported Platform Matrix
L3 Tenant Network Services This feature supports IPv6 Anycast gateways; VRF backup routing, static routing, BFD static routing, local ASNs, and graceful restart; CEP reload delay, LACP timeout for port channels; centralized and distributed routing; and sharing resources across tenants. Layer 3 Network Services
Security New topics for user management (including RBAC enforcement), certificate management, and audit trail logging.

Audit Trail Logging

EFA Certificate Management

EFA User Management

SLX device configuration New commands and topics to configure the SLX devices that EFA manages.

Configure MTU for Physical Ports

Configure Breakout Ports

Configure Physical Port Speed

Change a Physical Port State

Enable Maintenance Mode on SLX Devices

Cluster tracking New functionality to enable a CEP interface to track the state of MCT clusters. Enable Cluster Tracking on CEP Interfaces
Running-configs New command to display a list of current EFA running-configs. Display EFA Running Configurations
Deployment Updated installation and upgrade topics. Install EFA in a Single-Node Deployment

Install EFA on TPVM

Upgrade EFA on TPVM

Deploy the OVA for EFA

Upgrade EFA on a Server

Upgrade EFA on an OVA

NTP requirements Improved the list of requirements EFA Requirements

For more information about this software release, see the Extreme Fabric Automation Release Notes.