WiNG 7 Operating System Overview

General information about WiNG 7 operating system.

The WiNG 7 operating system is a solution designed for 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ax networking. It is a convergence of the legacy ExtremeWireless WiNG™ (5.9.X) and ExtremeWireless™ (10.X) wireless operating systems. It offers a high-level of flexibility and scalability covering both campus and distributed modes of deployment.

WiNG 7.X.X brings together the following key benefits of both deployment topologies under one fold:
  • ExtremeWireless - The ExtremeWireless software provides a secure, highly scalable, cost-effective solution based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. The system is intended for enterprise networks operating on multiple floors in more than one building, and is ideal for public environments, such as airports and convention centers that require multiple access points. It is an ideal solution for highdensity, campus and stadium deployments. It is well suited to meet the needs of enterprises in the education, healthcare, sports and entertainment verticals. The ExtremeWireless OS key strengths are:
    • Extensive Policy Framework
    • Contextual Device and Application Control
    • Application Visibility & Control with Analytics
    • BYOD - Single SSID with Programmable Data Path
    • Voice & Video Optimized with Seamless Roaming
  • ExtremeWireless WiNG - The WiNG architecture is a solution designed for 802.11n and 802.11ac networking. It is designed for standalone or distributed hierarchical networks. The ExtremeWireless WiNG software distributes intelligence right to the network edge, empowering every controller and access point with the intelligence needed to be network-aware, able to identify and dynamically route traffic over the most efficient path available at that time. It is highly scalable and well suited to meet the needs of large, geographically distributed enterprises. It is an ideal wireless networking solution for the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and hospitality verticals. The ExtremeWireless OS key strengths are:
    • Simple Guest Access with Analytics
    • Contextual Application Control
    • Advanced Diagnostics and Remote Troubleshooting
    • Intrusion, Compliance and WiFi Forensics
    • Scale-out 1000s of APs with Rapid Rollout
    • Self-tuning RF (Smart-RF)
    • Distributed Service Intelligence
Going forward, this unified, common, wireless, infrastructure WiNG 7.X. OS will power the ExtremeWireless WiNG product family. The WiNG 7.7.1 OS supports the following platforms:
  • Service Platforms — NX 5500, NX 7500, NX 9500, NX 9600, VX 9000


NOVA UI is available only on controllers.