Power Configuration

About this task

Use the Power Configuration screen to set one of the two power modes (3af or Auto). When Automatic power option is selected, the access point safely operates within available power. Once the power configuration is determined, the access point configures its operating power characteristics based on its model and power configuration.

To define an access point's power configuration:


  1. Select Devices > Host Name.
    The device Basic configuration screen opens.
  2. Select Power Configuration.
  3. Select a power mode from the mode drop-down list box.
    The power mode options are Automatic and 802.3af.

    When an access point is powered on for the first time, it determines the power budget available. Using the Automatic setting, the access point automatically determines the best power configuration based on the available power budget. Automatic is the default setting.

    Select 802.3af to allow the access point to assume 12.95 watts. If the mode is changed, the access point requires a reset to implement the change.

  4. Select Save to update the selected power mode settings.