Configure a Firewall Policy

About this task

Firewall configurations can be defined as separate policies available to the administrator for specific controller or service platform.


  1. Select Policies > Firewall to view existing firewall policies.
  2. Refer to the following configuration data for existing wireless firewall policies:
    Setting Description
    Firewall Policy Displays the name assigned to the policy when created. The name cannot be modified as part of the edit process
    Status Displays a green check mark if the policy has been activated
    Action Edit or delete an existing firewall policy
  3. Select to create a new firewall policy.
    The Add Policy dashboard opens.
  4. Provide a name for the policy not exceeding 64 characters.
  5. Select Add to create a new firewall policy.
    The Basic firewall settings dashboard opens.
  6. Configure the basic firewall policy settings.