Edit a AAA Policy

About this task

Edit a AAA policy from existing AAA policies.


  1. Go to Policies > AAA.
    The AAA policy dashboard is displayed with the following information for existing AAA policy:
    AAA policy parameter Description
    Policy Name Displays the name assigned to the AAA policy when it was initially created. The name cannot be edited within a listed profile
    Accounting Packet Type Displays the accounting type set for the AAA policy. Options include:
    • Start/Stop
    • Start/Interim/Stop
    Wireless Client Attempts Displays the number of attempts by the wireless client
    Action Options include:
    • Edit— Select the pencil icon option to edit an existing AAA policy.
    • Delete— Select the trash can icon option to delete a AAA policy.
  2. Select trash can icon to delete an existing AAA policy.
  3. Select pencil icon action to edit an existing AAA policy.
  4. Edit the general settings or the RADIUS settings.
  5. Select Save to apply general and RADIUS settings.