Firmware Update StatusNEW!

About this task

Once an update operation has been started or scheduled, an administrator can assess whether the firmware update was successful, the number of times the operation was attempted before completed, and the updated device's current status.


  1. Select Firmware > Update > Status.
  2. Use the Status dashboard to search, download, view, and refresh device update status.
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    Device update status dashboard
    Device status screen
    Device Displays the model number of devices pending an update. Each listed device is provisioned an image file unique to that model
    MAC Address Lists the factory encoded MAC address of a device either currently updating or in the queue of scheduled updates
    State Displays the state of the disk during the update process
    Update Time Displays whether an update is immediate or set by an administrator for a specific time. Staggering update is helpful to ensure a sufficient number of devices remain in service at any given time while others are updating
    Reboot Time Displays whether a reboot is immediate or time set by an administrator for a specific time. Reboots render the device offline, so planning reboots carefully is central to ensuring a sufficient number of devices remain in service
    Progress Lists the number of specific device types currently updating
    Retries Displays the number of retries, if any, needed for an in-progress firmware update operation
    Last Update Lists the last reported update and reboot status of each listed in progress or planned update operation
    Upgraded By Lists the model of the controller, service platform or access point RF Domain manager that‘s provisioning an image to a listed device
  3. Select Save icon download the update status as a CSV file.