Configure an Event System Policy

About this task

Use Event System Policy to define or override how controller or service platform system messages are logged and forwarded on behalf of the profile


  1. Select Policies > Event System.
    The Event System list opens.
  2. Select an Event System Policy from the list to edit it.
    If a policy does not exist, select to configure a new policy.
  3. Provide a unique policy name and select Add.
    The Details dashboard opens.
  4. Configure event module details.
    1. Choose an event from the Select Event Module drop-down list box to track the occurrence of each list event.

      The list of events change according to the selected event module.

    2. Review each event and select or clear the Forward to Controller, Email, SNMP, and Syslog options as required for the event.
    3. Select Save to update event system details configuration.