Adoption Configuration

About this task

Adoption is configurable and supported within a device configuration and applied to other access points supported by the host. Modify existing adoption policies or create a new one as needed to meet the adoption requirements of a device and their assigned profile.


  1. Select Devices > Host Name.
    The Basic device configuration dashboard opens.
  2. Select Adoption.
  3. Within the Controller options, define a VLAN the access point's associating controller or service platform is reachable on.
    Use the spinner control to define a VLAN between 1 to 4,094.
  4. Define a Preferred Group to set an optimal group for the controller's adoption.
    The preferred group name cannot exceed 64 characters.
  5. Set the following host configuration:
    Select to create a new host or to edit an existing host.
    Host (IP Address) Type a numerical IP address for the adoption resource
    Host (Hostname) Select Host to configure a hostname for the adoption resource. The hostname cannot exceed 64 characters
    Pool Use the spinner control to assign a pool of either 1 or 2. This is the pool the target controller belongs to
    Routing Level Use the spinner control define a routing level of either 1 or 2 for the link between adopting devices
    IPSEC GW (IP Address) Type a numerical IP address of the adopting controller resource
    IPSEC GW (Hostname) Select IPSEC GW to provide an admin defined hostname for the adopting controller
    IPSEC Secure Select IPSEC Secure to provide IPSec secure peer authentication on the connection link between the adopting devices
    Remote VPN Client Select Remote VPN Client to establish a secure controller link using a remote VPN client
    Force Select Force to create a forced link between an access point and an adopting controller
  6. Select Add to create a new host for the adopting controller or select Update to make changes for an existing adopting controller.
  7. Select Save to update adoption settings.