Add a Device

About this task

Devices managed by an access point or NX series service platform initially require several basic parameters be set (system name, deployment location, etc.). Additionally, the number of permitted device licenses needs to be assessed to determine whether additional access points can be adopted under the terms of the existing license. The Basic Info screen allows you to assess devices detected by a selected access point, controller, or a service platform and determine whether they need profile re-assignments to be optimally deployed.


  1. Select Devices.
  2. Select to add a new device to the managed devices list.
    The Add Device option opens.
  3. Configure the following device information:
    Device Type Select the device type from the drop-down list box
    MAC Address Provide the MAC address for the selected device
    Site Select a site from the drop-down list box to determine where the device will be located
    Profile Select a device profile
  4. Select Add to create a new device.
    The Basic device configuration window opens.

What to do next

Configure various device settings using the device configuration options.