Add a Custom DashboardNEW!

Learn how to add a custom dashboard using the dashboard widget.

About this task

You can add a custom dashboard or create a new dashboard using the dashboard widgets to monitor your network performance and organize your network data.


  1. From the default dashboard, select the plus sign.
    The system displays the Add dashboard tab.
    Click to expand in new window
    Add dashboard
    Custom dashboard widget
  2. Type a dashboard name in the Name field.
    If you do not assign a unique name to a dashboard, it is automatically saved as Dashboard with a number. Example: Dashboard 2.
  3. Select <system> or a site from the list of available sites.


    The widgets options change according to the system or site selected.
  4. Drag a widget at a time onto the dashboard area.
    Use widgets to create custom dashboard graphs. The widget graphs display various information about the device that will help you view multiple device information for comparison on a single screen. The following widgets are available for selection for system-wide and individual site graphs:
    System widgets Individual site widgets
    Device Status Clients by Band
    Device Type Clients by Channel
    Device Type Distribution Device Status
    Device Status Distribution Device Type
    System Security (threat level) Device Type Distribution
    RF Quality (worst 5) Device Status Distribution
    Radios (top radio count) Radios by Band
    Clients (top client count) Radios by Channel
    Top 5 Radios by Clients
    1. To remove a graph from the dashboard area, select x mark delete icon.
    2. To open or save a graph as an image, select save as image download icon, and select OK.
  5. Select Save.
    The custom dashboard is saved.