Tech Support

Create a tech support information collection session.

Tech Support Session

The tech support session read-only dashboard provides the following information:
Field Description
Status Running or completed
Session name Name provided when starting the tech support session
Started by User details
Type Tech support type
Hosts Controller or access point information
Message Success information or error message

Create a New Tech Support Session

You can create a new tech support information collection session.
  1. Select Diagnostics > Tech Support. The system displays the session dashboard.
  2. Select New to start a new tech support diagnostics.
  3. Select refresh in the Session tab.
  4. When the session is complete, the tech support shows Completed status.

    The system displays a session success message or an error message in the message tab.



    Do not navigate to a different screen until your tech support diagnostics session is completed.

The tech support file is stored in the server and location set by the user in user preferences setup. For more details, see Remote Servers Settings in User Roles and Preferences Settings.

Tech Support Server

Configure and view tech support remote server information.
  1. Go to Diagnostics > Tech Support > Server.
  2. View the tech support file name, size, timestamp, and action information.
  3. From action, select download icon to view or save the tech support file to a local machine.