Set Controller Power Configuration

About this task

Use the Power Configuration dashboard to set or override one of two power modes (802.3af or Automatic) for a managed controller. When Automatic is selected, the controller safely operates within available power. After the power configuration is determined, the controller configures its operating power characteristics based on its radio model and power configuration.


  1. Go to Profiles > Profile Name.
    The General dashboard opens.
  2. Go to Power Configuration.
  3. Use the Power Mode drop-down to set or change the Power Mode Configuration on the selected controller.
    When a controller is powered on for the first time, the system determines the power budget available to the controller. The Automatic setting automatically determines the best power configuration based on the available power budget. Automatic is the default setting. If you select 802.3af, the access point assumes 12.95 watts are available. If the mode is changed, reset the controller to implement the change.