Wireless Network Basic Configuration

About this task

Add wireless network basic configuration details or edit details for existing WLANs.


  1. Select Wireless.
  2. Select an existing wireless device from the list.
    The basic configuration dashboard opens.
  3. Use the WLAN configuration slider to apply or remove the configuration settings.
    Table 1. WLAN configuration options
    Field Description
    Status Wireless networks status. Status is selected by default
    Name Name provided when you created the wireless network. This field cannot be edited
    SSID Network's name provided when adding the wireless network. This field cannot be edited
    Description WLAN description. Type up to 30 words
    Bridging Mode Select mode local or tunnel from the drop-down list box. Options include local and tunnel
    QoS Map Select to provide a network coverage map
    QoS policy Outgoing network traffic. Default option is selected
    Bonjour Gateway Discovery Policy Select a policy from the drop-down to help user's discover the wireless network

    The broadcast SSID and broadcast probe response are selected by default. You have the option to select or remove DHCP option82 and DHCPv6 LDRA.

  4. Use the fast roaming check box options to select or remove fast roaming options.
    Fast roaming options include:
    • PMK caching
    • Opportunistic PMK caching
    • Pre-authentication
    • Fast BSS transition
  5. Use the client traffic slider to power on or power off client-to-client traffic.
  6. Set the max firewall sessions between 10 and 10,000.
  7. Select access policies from the association ACL drop-down and the captive portal policy drop-down.
  8. Set firewall policies for IP inbound ACL and outbound ACL.
  9. Select the projected management frames (PMF).
    Table 2. PMF parameters
    Parameter Description
    Mode Select optional or mandatory
    SA query timeout Select a number between 1 to 10
    SA query attempts Select between 100 to 1000 milliseconds
  10. Use the radio resource management (RRM) to apply or remove radio settings.
    1. Select or clear Status to view RRM status for various managed networks.
    2. Select or clear channel report and TPC report.
    3. Use the agile multi-band operation option to apply to remove multi-band configuration.
  11. Apply shutdown criteria.
    Field Description
    Critical Resource Name Type a name for shutdown criteria

    Use the slider option for applying or removing unadoption, wired link loss, meshpoint loss, critical resource configurations.

  12. Configure VLAN assignment.
    1. Select Single VLAN for configuring one VLAN and type the VLAN number in the VLAN field.
    2. Select VLAN Pool to configure multiple VLANs.
      1. Type VLAN number and the maximum number of wireless clients.
      2. Select trash can icon to delete a VLAN.
  13. Select Save to commit and save wireless configuration settings.