Mesh Policy

Mesh Quality of Service (QoS) provides a data traffic prioritization scheme. QoS reduces congestion from excessive traffic. If there is enough bandwidth for all users and applications, then applying QoS has very little value. QoS provides policy enforcement for mission-critical applications and/or users that have critical bandwidth requirements when bandwidth is shared by different users and applications.

Mesh QoS ensures that each mesh point on the mesh network receives a fair share of the overall bandwidth, either equally or per the proportion configured. Packets directed to clients are classified into data types (video, voice, data, and so forth). Packets within each category are processed based on the weight (prioritization) set for each mesh point.

The Quality of Service screen displays a list of mesh QoS policies available to mesh points. Each mesh QoS policy can be selected to edit its properties. If none of the exiting Mesh QoS policies supports an ideal QoS configuration for the intended data traffic of this mesh point, select to create a new policy. Select an existing mesh QoS policy and select to change the properties of the mesh QoS policy.