Ethernet Port Fabric Attach Configuration

About this task

Fabric Attach parameters allows WiNG devices (access points and controllers) to work as FA (Fabric Attach) clients.


  1. Select Profiles.
    The profile name list opens.
  2. Select a profile from the existing list.
  3. Select Interface > Ethernet > Ethernet name > Fabric Attach.
  4. Select Add to configure fabric attach parameters:
    VLAN Set the VLAN from 1 to 4,094
    ISID Use the ISID field to specify the ISID from 1 - 16,777,214. This is the Individual Service Identifier (ISID) associated with the VLAN interface specified above.

    Configuring a VLAN to ISID assignment, enables FA client operation on the selected Ethernet port.

    The FA Client requests acceptance of the VLAN to ISID mapping from the FAS within the Fabric Connect (FC) network. Once acceptance is achieved, the FC edge switch applies the ISID to the VLAN traffic from the device (AP or controller), and uses this ISID inside the Fabric.

    Note: A maximum of 94 pairs of ISID to VLAN mappings can be configured per Ethernet port

    FA-enabled switches, in the FC network, send out LLDP messages with TLV extensions of Organization-specific TLV with OUI, to discover FA clients and advertise capabilities.

    The FA-enabled client associates with the FA Server (FAS), and obtains provisioning information (management VLAN interface details, and whether the interface is tagged or not) that allows the client to be configured with parameters that allow traffic to flow through the Fabric to the WLAN controller. Use this option to configure the ISID to VLAN mapping that the FA Client uses to negotiate with the FAS.

    You can configure FA Client capability on a device‘s profile as well as device contexts.

  5. Select Save to update fabric attach settings.