Use sites to define boundaries for fast roaming and session mobility without interruption. Manage sites from Site option.

The site configuration screen lists all the available sites. You have to option to view site name, location, timezone, country, and take action on adding, editing, or deleting the site.

You can also use the main sites screen to search, download, refresh, and view other site information. The add, search, download, custom column, and refresh functionality are located on the top corner of the Site window.

Other Site configurations include:
Type a site criteria such as site name, location, timezone, country in the search field to display all sites fulfilling the criteria.
Use the icon to download all displayed sites as a .csv file.
  1. Select download icon > CSV - All Rows.
  2. Select site action. You can choose to Open with or Save File to your local machine.
  3. Select OK.
Customize the site columns displayed on the site list screen.
  1. Select the three bars indicating columns icon to select the columns.
  2. Select Select All or select the columns individually from the options.
Select the refresh loop icon icon to view the most updated version of the screen.