Manage Profile Adoption Configuration

About this task

An access point, a controller, or a service platform uses the adoption process to discover available access points or peer controllers and service platforms. Adoption configurations are used to establish an association and provision the requesting device. Configure and support adoption settings within a profile and apply the settings to other access points supported by the profile.

At adoption, an access point solicits and receives multiple adoption responses from controllers and service platforms available on the network. These adoption responses contain loading policy information the access point uses to select the optimum controller or service platform for adoption. By default, an auto provisioning policy generally distributes AP adoption evenly amongst available access points, controllers, and service platforms. Modify existing adoption policies or create a new one as needed to meet the adoption requirements of a device and their assigned profile.


  1. Select Profiles > Profile Name.
    The General information screen opens.
  2. Select Adoption tab.
  3. Configure the controller settings:
    Option Description
    VLAN Select VLAN to include a VLAN that the access point's associating controller can reach.

    Use the spinner controller to set a VLAN between 1 and 4,094

    Preferred Group Set an optimal group for the access point‘s adoption. The name of the preferred group cannot exceed 64 characters
  4. Add Controller Hostnames. Select Add from the controller hostnames area.
    Table 1. Controller hostnames parameters
    Field Description
    Host (IP Address) Provide the numerical IP address. Select Host (IP Address) to set a hostname.

    Type a hostname. A hostname cannot exceed 64 characters

    Pool Use the pool field to set a pool of either 1 or 2. The target controller or service platform belongs to this pool
    Routing Level Define a routing level (either 1 or 2) for the link between adopting devices. The default setting is 1
    IPSec GW (IP Address) Select the numerical IP address. Select IPSec GW (IP Address) to set an administrator defined hostname of the adopting controller resource
    IPSec Secure Select this option to provide IPSec secure peer authentication on the connection (link) between the adopting devices. This option is not selected by default
    Remote VPN Client Displays whether a secure controller link has been established using a remote VPN client
    Force Select this setting to create a forced link between an access point and adopting controller, even when not necessarily needed. This setting is not selected by default
  5. Select Add.
    The controller hostname settings is added to the Adoption dashboard.
  6. Select Save to save the controller profile adoption settings.
  7. Select pencil icon or delete icon to edit or delete an existing controller settings.