Statistics are available for controllers or service platforms and their managed devices.

Statistics display detailed information about how device policies configured by the user for various managed devices work in the WiNG environment. Through the statistics option, you can monitor device inventories, wireless clients associations, adopted access point information, rogue access points, and WLANs.

You can use the statistics data to assess if configuration changes are required to improve network performance.

Smart RF
A statistical history to help you assess adjustments that have been made to device configurations to compensate for detected coverage holes or device failures. Smart RF statistics can be exclusively customized to monitor basic information, device activity, device neighbors, radio interference, channel distribution, and various device history events.
  • Basic - displays general configuration information for the site.
  • Activity - displays site activity for the selected site.
  • Neighbors - displays neighboring sites information.
  • Interference - review the Top 10 interference table to assess RF Domain member devices whose level of interference exceeds the threshold set (from -100 to -10 dBm) for acceptable performance.
  • Channel distribution - displays information on how RF Domain member devices are utilizing different channels to optimally support connect devices and avoid congestion and interference with neighboring devices. Use this data to assess whether the channel spectrum is being effectively utilized and whether channel changes are warranted to improve RF Domain member device performance
  • Energy - displays the RF domain member access point radio's operating channel, noise level, and neighbor count. Use this information to assess whether Smart RF neighbor recovery is needed with respect to poorly performing radios.
An overview of client health. Wireless client statistics include user traffic received and transmitted, and management packets received and transmitted by a device.
Available for the list of devices managed in a site. Select a site name to view the list of devices along with the hostname, MAC address, device type, device status, channel, and power information for each one.
Details about your rf-domain manager for each site. Select a site name to access device details, hostname, ingress, egress, total traffic, SNR (dB), and noise floor (dBm).
A summary of all the sites, including site name, site manager details, number of managed devices on each site, number of radios on each site, number of clients, and senors on the site.