Add or Edit a DHCPv4 Policy

About this task

Assign new DHCP policy or edit an existing policy to configure automatic IP address assignment.


  1. Select Policies > DHCPv4.
    The DHCPv4 dashboard opens.
  2. Select to add a new policy.
    The Add Policy window opens.
  3. Provide a unique policy name.
  4. Select Add.
    The new policy is added to the dashboard and the Basic configuration dashboard opens.
  5. Configure the following basic DHCPv4 policy information:
    Setting Description
    Ignore BOOTP Requests Select Ignore BOOTP Requests to cancel requests to boot remote systems within the controller or service platform managed network. BOOTP messages are encapsulated inside UDP messages and are forwarded by the controller or service platform
    Ping Timeout Set the interval from 1 to 10 seconds for a DHCP server ping timeout. The timeout is used to intermittently ping and discover whether a client requested IP address is already in use
    Activation Criteria Set an activation criteria for the policy to work. Options include:
    • None
    • vrrp-master
    • cluster-master
    • rf-domain-manager
  6. Select Add to create new global DHCP server options.
  7. Configure Global DHCP Server Options settings:
    Setting Description
    Name Assign a name for the server
    Type Select a server type
    Code Assign a code between 0 to 254
  8. Select Save to update DHCPv4 basic configuration settings.