Navigate the User Interface

Learn how to navigate the NOVA UI, use the search facility, and configure user roles and preferences.

The ExtremeWireless WiNG NOVA user interface is divided into work spaces that correspond to the network administration workflow. Monitor the controller using the Dashboard work space and configure network settings from the site, devices, wireless, and profiles work space.

ExtremeWireless WiNG NOVA UI offers the following work spaces:
When you log into the WiNG 7 UI, you are navigated to the default Dashboard screen. You can customize your system work space via the Dashboard screen.
View and manage the list of sites.
View, manage, and configure devices.
View, manage, and configure WLANs.
View, manage, and configure device profiles.
View and monitor wireless clients.
Run system diagnostics to get system information ranging from CPU usage, network usage to tech support information. Download various system logs for comparison.
  • System Info
  • Tech Support
  • Logs
  • Packet Capture
  • Traceroute
  • Ping
Remote CLI
Connect the current device WiNG CLI or download logs from remote CLI sessions.
Configure, add, and test network policies.
  • Management
  • AAA
  • NSight
  • RADIUS Group
  • RADIUS User Pool
  • RADIUS Server
  • Auto-Provisioning
  • Firewall
  • SmartRF
  • Sensor
  • Event System
  • Device Categorization
  • WIPS
  • L2TPv3
  • DHCPv4
Firmware upload and update management.
  • Update
  • Images
Detailed statistics for the following features in the network:
  • Smart RF
  • Wireless
  • Devices
  • Clients
  • Sites
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Notifications and Event Logs Icon
Access the notifications and event logs bell icon from any work space. It is located on the top right corner of the UI. The notifications remain the same for all work spaces and provides the status of various operations.