Add NSight Policy

About this task

Configure and add an NSight policy for the network.


  1. Go to Policies > NSight.
    The NSight policy list dashboard opens.
  2. Select Add.
    The system displays the Add Policy dashboard.
  3. Type a NSight policy name in the Name field.
  4. Select Add.
    The NSight policy is added to the list and the General settings dashboard opens.
  5. Configure general NSight server parameters:
    The server grid allows a maximum of three entries.
    NSight server option Description
    Host Type Type of security for the host URL. Options include
    • Https
    • Http
    The default option is Https
    Host URL Host website address. Type the host URL in the following format:

    [http or https://<IP or hostname>[:port]

    Enforce SSL verification Option available only when you select Https host type. Use the slider to select or clear SSL verification for the host URL
    Poll Use the slider to enable or clear poll option for the host URL
  6. Use the Status slider on the general dashboard to view or stop viewing the server status.
  7. Select Add to add the host server to the NSight policy.
  8. Select Save to apply all configured changes.