Configure Mesh Point Auto Channel Selection

About this task

The Auto Channel Selection settings is used to define the Dynamic Root Selection for 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and 5.0 GHz interface.


  1. Select Profiles > Profile Name > Mesh Point > Mesh Point Connex Policy.
    The Settings dashboard opens.
  2. Select Auto Channel Selection.
  3. Configure the following values, common to both 2.4 GHz and 5.0/4.9 GHz. Use the auto channel selection settings to refine channel scans, set the scan duration, enable off-channel scanning, specify the scan sample size, and channel hold time, etc.
    Channel Width Set the channel width the meshpoint's automatic channel scan assigns to the selected radio. The available options are:
    • auto - Defines the channel width is calculated automatically. This is the default value
    • 20 MHz - Sets the width between two adjacent channels as 20 MHz
    • 40 MHz - Sets the width between two adjacent channels as 40 MHz
    Priority Mesh Point Configure the meshpoint monitored for automatic channel scans. This is the meshpoint assigned priority over other available mesh points. When configured, a mesh connection is established with this mesh point. If not configured, a meshpoint is automatically selected
    Off-Channel Duration Set the duration between 20 to 250 milliseconds. The scan dwells on each channel when performing an off channel scan. The default value is 50 milliseconds
    Off-Channel Scan Frequency Set the duration between 1 to 60 seconds between two consecutive off channel scans. The default value is 6 seconds
    Sample Count Set the number of scan samples between 1 and 10. The scans are performed for data collection before a mesh channel is selected. The default value is 5
    Channel Hold Time Set the duration between 0 to 86,400 seconds to remain on a channel before channel conditions are reassessed for a possible channel change. Set this value to zero (0) to prevent an automatic channel selection from occurring. The default value is 1800 seconds
    SNR Delta Type or use the spinner control to set the delta range between 1 to 100 dB. When path selection occurs, the defined value is utilized for selecting the optimal path. A better candidate, on a different channel, must have a signal strength that exceeds this delta value when compared to the signal strength of the next hop in the mesh network. The default value is 5 dB
    Signal Threshold Type or use the spinner control to set the minimum value for signal threshold between -100 to 0 dB. If the signal strength of the next mesh hop falls below this set value, a scan is triggered to select a better next hop. The default value is -65 dB
    Path Minimum Set the minimum path metric between 100 to 20,000 for mesh connection establishment. The default value is 1,000
    Path Metric Threshold Set a minimum threshold between 800 to 65,535 for triggering an automatic channel selection for mesh point selection. The default value is 1500
    Tolerance Period Set a duration (between 10 to 600 seconds) to wait before triggering an automatic channel selection for the next mesh hop. The default value is 60 seconds
    Channel Switch Delta Set the delta (between 5 to 35 dBm) that triggers a mesh point root automatic channel selection when exceeded. The default value is 10 dBm
  4. Select Update to apply mesh point auto channel selection settings.