Set Location Configuration

About this task

The Locations option is a means to control a user's access to locations (RF Domains, sites, or tree-node paths) within the managed network. Use this option to configure locations tag and associate one or more locations with the tag. After creating locations tag, use the Users dashboard to apply these tags to users.


The locations tag is only applicable to the WiNG Device Provisioning admin user. The device provisioning admins will only be able to provision devices that they manage.

To set locations configuration:


  1. Select the Locations tab.
  2. Review the existing locations configuration.
  3. Select the + icon to add a new location.
    The location setting dashboard opens.
  4. Set or modify the following allowed location parameters:
    Field Description
    Name If adding a new Locations configuration, provide a name that is less than 32 characters without any space. Provide a name that identifies the associated locations (RF Domain)
    Locations Specify the RF Domain name in the Locations field and select Add to add the location. You can associate a single RF Domain or multiple RF Domains with a Locations tag. The location can also be specified as a treenode path or multiple tree-node paths.

    Select Add to add location to the locations list

    To edit a location, select the icon from the action option

    To delete a location, select the icon from the action option

  5. Select Save to apply the location settings.