Edit Site Basic Configuration

About this task

After a site is created, you can edit the basic configuration settings. To get started:


  1. Go to Site.
  2. Select a site from the sites list.
    The system displays the Basic Configuration screen.
  3. Basic configuration settings:
    Field Description
    Site Name Non-editable field
    Location Physical location of the city where the site is situated
    Contact Site owner contact information
    Time Zone Drop-down to select the timezone for the site
    Country Country where the site is located
    Address Select the address picker icon to select Allow or Don't Allow on your computer's laptop settings to automatically pick the site location. Alternatively, select the address picker and manually search for the site address
  4. Site tree configuration settings:
    Field Description
    Country Select the country from the drop-down list
    City Select the city from the drop-down list
    Region Select the region from the drop-down list
    Campus Select the campus from the drop-down list
  5. After creating the site details, select Apply to commit the changes.
  6. Select Save to commit and save the basic configuration settings.


    If you do not select Save, the basic configuration settings that you modified will not be saved when you move away from the Basic Configuration screen.