Configure a Sensor Policy

About this task

Use the sensor policy to collect RSSI data from WiNG sensor devices. Edit an existing policy or create a new sensor policy for controllers.


  1. Select Policies > Sensor Policy.
    The Sensor dashboard opens.
  2. Select to create a new sensor policy or select to edit an existing policy.
    The Details dashboard opens.
  3. Provide a unique policy name.


    Sensor policy name cannot exceed 32 characters and cannot contain spaces. Define a name unique to the policy‘s channel and scan mode configuration to help differentiate it from other policies.
  4. Select Add to create a new policy.
  5. Configure the following sensor policy details:

    The Sensor Policy Details dashboard displays with the Scan Mode set to Default-Scan. The user configurable parameters on this dashboard differ, depending on which Scan Mode is selected.

  6. Use the RSSI Scan Interval drop-down list box to set a scan interval from 1 - 60 seconds.
    This is the scan period used by dedicated sensors for RSSI (signal strength) assessments. Once the sensor obtains the RSSI data, the sensor sends the data to a specified ExtremeLocation server resource for calculating Wi-Fi device locations. The default is 10 seconds.
  7. The following Scan Mode values are available:
    The values depend on whether you have selected Default-Scan, Custom-Scan, or Channel-Lock as the mode for scan operation.
    Setting Description
    Channel With Default-Scan selected: The list of available scan channels is fixed and defaulted in a spread pattern of channels 1, 6, 11, 36, 40, 44, and 48. You cannot change this channel pattern

    With Custom-Scan selected: A list of unique channels in the 2.4, 4.9, 5, and 6 GHz band can be collectively or individually enabled for customized channel scans and RSSI reporting

    With Channel-Lock selected: The Channel, Channel Width, and Scan Weight fields are replaced by a Lock Frequency drop-down menu. Use this menu to lock the RSSI scan to one specific channel

    Channel Width With Default-Scan selected: Each channel‘s width is fixed and defaulted to either 40MHz-Upper (Ch 1), 40MHz-Lower (Ch 6 and CH 11) or 80MHz (CH 36, CH 40, CH 44 and CH 48)

    With Custom-Scan selected: You can define the width for each selected channel. Note that many channels have their width fixed at 20MHz. 802.11a radios support 20 MHz and 40 MHz channel widths

    With Channel-Lock selected: You cannot adjust the width between adjacent channels, because only one channel is locked

    Scan Weight With Default-Scan selected: Each default channel‘s scan is of equal duration (1000) within the defined RSSI scan interval. No one channel receives scan priority within the defined RSSI scan interval.

    With Custom-Scan selected: Each selected channel can have its weight prioritized in respect to the amount of time a scan is permitted within the defined RSSI scan interval

    With Channel-Lock selected: With one channel locked for an RSSI scan, you cannot adjust scan weights for other, unlocked channels

  8. Select Save to update the senor policy.