VLAN IPv4 Configuration

About this task

IPv4 is a connectionless protocol. It operates on a best effort delivery model that does not guarantee delivery or assures proper sequencing or avoidance of duplicate delivery (unlike TCP).

To configure the VLAN IPv4 configuration:


  1. Select Profiles > Profile Name > Interface > Virtual > IPv4.
  2. Set the following network information for the IPv4 addresses:
    Primary Address Define the IP address for the VLAN associated virtual interface. Select DHCP, IP Address, ZEROCONF, or <none>
    IP Address or Subnet Mask Select IP Address in the primary address option to activate the field. Type the virtual interface IP address
    Secondary Zeroconf Select Secondary Zeroconf to provide a primary or secondary IP addresses for the virtual interface. Zero configuration (or zero config) is a wireless connection utility included with Microsoft Windows XP and later as a service dynamically selecting a network to connect based on a user's preferences and various default settings. Zero config can be used instead of a wireless network utility from the manufacturer of a computer's wireless networking device
    DHCP Options Select DHCP Options to allow DHCP to provide the IP address for the virtual interface
    Secondary Address Select Add to define additional IP addresses to associate with VLAN IDs. The address provided in this field is used if the primary IP address is unreachable
    DHCP Relay Use DHCP Relay to set the DHCP relay server configuration used with the virtual interface
    Respond to DHCP Relay Select Respond to DHCP Relay to allow the onboard DHCP server to respond to relayed DHCP packets on this interface
    Addresses Select Add to configure additional IP Address for DHCP Relay
  3. Select Save to update virtual interface IPv4 settings.