Passpoint Policy

About this task

A passpoint policy provides an interoperable platform for streamlining Wi-Fi access to access points deployed as public hotspots. Passpoint is supported across a wide range of wireless network deployment scenarios and client devices.

Passpoint makes connecting to Wi-Fi networks easier by authenticating the user with an account based on an existing relationship, such as the user's mobile carrier or broadband ISP.

The Passpoint Policy screen displays a list of passpoint polices for network hotspots. Each passpoint policy can be selected to edit its properties. If no exiting passpoint policies supports the required deployment, select Add to create a new policy.

To administrate and manage existing passpoint policies:


  1. Select Policies > Passpoint.
  2. Refer to the following configuration data for existing passpoint policies:
    Policy Name Displays the administrator assigned name of each passpoint policy.
    Access Network Type Displays the network access permissions the administrator has set for the passpoint policy
    Operator Name Displays the unique name assigned to the administrator or operator responsible for the configuration and operation of the hotspot
    Venue Name Displays the administrator assigned name of the venue or physical location of the deployed hotspot
  3. Select to define a new passpoint policy, or to edit an existing policy configuration.
  4. Select to delete an existing policy.