VLAN Routing Configuration

About this task

Configure the VLAN routing settings.


  1. Select Profiles > Profile Name > Interface > Virtual > Routing.
  2. Configure the following OSFP settings:
    Priority Select Priority to set the OSPF priority used to select the network designated route. Use the spinner control to set the value from 0 to 255
    Cost Assign cost to set the cost of the OSPF interface. Use the spinner control to set the value from 1 to 65,535
    Bandwidth Set the OSPF bandwidth from 1 to 10,000,000 Kbps
    Authentication Type Use the drop-down list box to select the authentication type used to validate credentials within the OSPF dynamic route

    The available options are None, null, simple-password, and message-digest. The default value is None

  3. Select Add at the bottom of the MD5 Authentication table to add the Key ID and Password used for an MD5 validation of authenticator credentials
    Key ID Set the unique OSPF message digest authentication key ID from 1 to 255

    Type the OSFP password

    The password value is displayed either as asterisks or in plain text (select to view text)
  4. Select Save to update routing changes.