System Dashboard

Learn how you can use the system dashboard screen on the NOVA Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Site tree display

The Dashboard screen displays the System dashboard by default. You can monitor your network activity and performance on the system dashboard by including widgets. It can help you to proactively monitor and troubleshoot your network. The system dashboard is displayed as multiple graphical widgets. Navigate to the sites based on site location and select a particular site to view all the devices managed in that particular site.


WiNG NOVA GUI comes installed with a default system dashboard. The default system dashboard is persistent after system restarts and software upgrades, and cannot be deleted or modified.

Customize the system dashboard and add additional dashboards with custom layouts using the unique set of dashboard widgets. The system supports a maximum of 16 dashboards.

The free-form dashboard can have a maximum of 6 widgets. The system dashboard widgets are classified into the type of data they access:
  • Device inventory indicating the status of number of online and offline devices
  • Device type distribution metrics for number of online and offline devices
  • Device status distribution between the sites with their online or offline status
  • Threat levels for each site based on the intensity of the threat ranging from level 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest
  • SmartRF channel distribution for the sites that have configured SmartRF policy
  • Channel traffic index utilization based on the WLAN radio

Combine widgets from any of the categories to create one or more unique dashboards.