Configuring the Switch's IP Address for the Management VLAN

You can configure the switch's IP address for the management virtual LAN (VLAN).



The management port is part of the mgmt VLAN. This VLAN membership cannot be changed.

Log in to the management console, connect to the switch, and follow these steps.

  1. Assign a name, IP address, and default subnetwork mask for the VLAN as shown in the following example.
    configure vlan vlan_name ipaddress nn.nn.nn.nn

    Your changes take effect immediately.

  2. Enter save to save your configuration changes so that they will be in effect after the next system reboot.


    For more information about saving configuration changes, see the ExtremeXOS 22.6 User Guide.

The configuration is saved to the configuration database of the switch.

Configure the ExtremeXOS software on the switch by following the steps in Configuring ExtremeXOS on the Switch.