ExtremeSwitching X620 Series Switches

The X620 switches are compact 10 Gb Ethernet switches for 10 Gb edge applications with a small, one rack-unit (1 RU) form factor.

X620 switches support sophisticated and intelligent Layer 2 switching, as well as Layer 3 IPv4/IPv6 routing including policy-based switching/routing, provider bridges, bidirectional ingress and egress Access Control Lists, and bandwidth control.

The X620 series switches include the following base models:
  • ExtremeSwitching X620-8t-2x switch
  • ExtremeSwitching X620-10x switch
  • ExtremeSwitching X620-16p switch
  • ExtremeSwitching X620-16t switch
  • ExtremeSwitching X620-16x switch

The X620-16p switch requires ExtremeXOS version 22.2.1 or later. Other X620 switch models require ExtremeXOS version 21.1.1 or later.

X620 Stacking

Up to eight X620 switches can be stacked using SummitStack-V. Each X620 unit can use two designated SFP+ interfaces for stacking. Standard 10 Gb Ethernet Optics and passive and active cables can be used in the SFP+ ports for stacking X620 switches using SummitStack-V.

ExtremeXOS supports the SummitStack-V capability using two of the SFP+ ports on the faceplate as stacking ports, enabling the use of standard cabling and optics technologies used for 10 GbE SFP+.

SummitStack-V is compatible with X440-G2, X450-G2 with 10 Gb uplinks, X460-G2 with 10 Gb uplinks, X770,, and X670-G2 switches running the same version of ExtremeXOS. SummitStack-V enabled 10 GbE ports must be physically direct-connected.

Additional X620 Features

All X620 switch models have:
  • One 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 port implemented as an RJ45 connector.
  • One 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet management port.

Additional ports on various models include the following:

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X620 Series Switches and Port Types

  100Mb/1 Gb/10GBASE-T 100Mb/1 Gb/2.5Gb/5Gb/10GBASE-T 100Mb/1 Gb/10GBASE-X with SFP+
X620-8t-2x 8   2
X620-10x     10
X620-16t 16   4 (see note)
X620-16x     16
Note: The 100Mb/1 Gb/10GBASE-X ports on the X620-16t and X620-16p are combination ports, shared with the last four 10GBASE-T ports (LRM support; no 100Mb support)

For all models, a serial console port on the front panel allows you to connect a terminal and perform local management. An Ethernet management port can be used to connect the system to a parallel management network for administration. Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect this port directly to a laptop to view and locally manage the switch configurations.

The rear panel provides an AC power input socket. The X620-8t-2x and X620-10x switches support external redundant power options, and the 16-port switches have modular internal redundant power options.

The switch automatically adjusts to the supply voltage. The switches with redundant power connectors can connect to the RPS-150XT or EPS-C2 external power system. When a compatible external power supply is used with the X620 switch, the internal and external power supplies are fully fault tolerant. If one power supply fails, the other power supply will provide sufficient power to operate the switch.

The 16-port switches offer front-to-back or back-to-front airflow options. The X620-8t-2x and X620-10x switches have side-to-side airflow with right-side exhaust.



See the ExtremeXOS 22.6 User Guide and the ExtremeXOS 22.6 Command Reference Guide for feature-specific information about the switches and for information regarding switch configuration.