ExtremeSwitching X450-G2 Series Switches

The X450-G2 series switches provide 24 or 48 Ethernet ports that deliver high-density fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity using fixed 10/100/1000BASE-T ports. In addition, some models offer either 24 or 48 PoE+ ports. The X450-G2 series switches also provide four ports of SFP+ 10 Gb Ethernet or four ports of SFP 1 Gb Ethernet on the front panel. Each model includes two dedicated stacking ports on the rear panel.

All X450-G2 ports are full-duplex. They do not support half-duplex operation.

Each base model supports front-to-back cooling only. Switch cooling is provided by a replaceable fan module.


The fan module must be ordered separately.

A serial console port on the front panel of the X450-G2 series switch allows you to connect a terminal and perform local management. An Ethernet management port can be used to connect the system to a parallel management network for administration. Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect this port directly to a laptop to view and locally manage the switch configuration. The Ethernet management port supports 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds.

The non-PoE+ switches (that is, the 24t and 48t models) have a fixed, internal power supply. The PoE+ switches (that is, the 24p and 48p models) have two power supply bays to accommodate AC power supplies. Power supplies have integrated cooling fans that operate independently of the switch fans.

For more information about the power supplies used in the X450-G2 switches, see Replaceable Internal Power Supplies.



X450-G2 series switches do not support back-to-front (BF) power supplies, and the switches do not support the back-to-front fan module.

X450-G2 series switches require ExtremeXOS version 16.1.1 or later, or version 21.1.1 or later.