Overview of the Switches

The following sections describe the ExtremeSwitching switches and summarize the features available in each series.

Model numbers for the switches are in the following format:

<Series>-<number of front-panel I/O ports><port type><internal power supply type>

  • The number of ports ranges from 8 to 72.

  • The port type can be t (copper), p (copper providing PoE), q (QSFP+), or x (fiber).

  • For models with integral power supplies, the power supply type can be AC (no designation) or DC.

    Models with pluggable power supplies can accommodate either AC or DC supplies and have no power designation in their model numbers.



See the ExtremeXOS 22.6 User Guide and the ExtremeXOS 22.6 Command Reference Guide for feature-specific information about the Summit switches and for information regarding switch configuration.