X690 Stacking

X690 series switches can be stacked with other X690 switches, with X590 switches, and with X870 switches. They support native stacking using front-panel data ports 61 and 69.



The front-panel ports used for stacking on the X690 switch are located side by side, rather than above and below as on most other switch models.


Only QSFP28 direct-attach passive copper cable, at lengths up to 5 meters, can be used in X690 stacking ports.

Alternate stacking is not supported for X690 switches.

The stacking-support option is disabled by default for all X690 switches. For more information, see Enabling and Disabling the Stacking-Support Option.

Stacking Methods for X690 Switches summarizes stacking support for X690 switches.

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Stacking Methods for X690 Switches

Stacking Method Speed per Link (HDX) Cable Type and Lengths
SummitStack-V400 (Front panel ports 61,69) 100 Gbps 0.5 m – 5 m