Pre-installation Requirements

Prepare the site for the installation, and ensure that you have the appropriate people and tools on hand.

Installing most ExtremeSwitching series switches requires two people to maneuver the switch and attach mounting hardware.

Provide enough space in front of and behind the switch so that you can service it easily. Allow a minimum of 48 inches (122 cm) in front of the rack and 30 inches (76 cm) behind the rack.

Some ExtremeSwitching switches give you the option of choosing the airflow direction: front-to-back or back-to-front. If your switch has internal power supplies, make sure they have the same airflow direction as the fans in the switch.

Other switches support airflow in only one direction. If your switch model supports only front-to-back airflow and requires the purchase of internal power supplies, make sure that the power supplies are for front-to-back ventilation airflow.

The following items are provided with ExtremeSwitching switches:
  • Screws for attaching mounting brackets to the switch housing.
  • Two rack mounting brackets adaptable for either a front-mount or mid-mount installation.
  • Two rear mounting brackets (rails) for rear mounting in a four-post or cabinet installation.


    Rails are supplied only with the following switches:
    • X450-G2
    • X460-G2 PoE models:
      • X460-G2-24p-GE4
      • X460-G2-24p-10GE4
      • X460-G2-24p-24hp-10GE4
      • X460-G2-16mp-32p-10GE4
      • X460-G2-48p-GE4
      • X460-G2-48p-10GE4
    • X670-G2
    • X690
    • X770
    • X870
You need the following additional tools and equipment. These are not provided with your switch.
  • Rack mounting screws: eight for a four-post installation; four for other installations. The screw size will vary based on your organization‘s rack system. Screws are not provided.
  • Screwdriver for securing the switch to the rack. The screwdriver size will vary based on the requirements for the rack system you are using.
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver to attach bracket screws that are provided with the switch. We recommend using a magnetic screwdriver.
  • AC power cord. For switches with removable AC power supplies, a separate power cord is needed for each installed power supply. The cord must meet the requirements listed in Power Cord Requirements for AC-Powered Switches and AC Power Supplies.
  • ESD-preventive wrist strap for installing optional ports at the back of the switch.