Installing the RPS Shelf into the Rack

To install an STK-RPS-150CH2 or STK-RPS-150CH8 into a 19-inch (48.3 cm) rack, you need the following:

  • For the STK-RPS-150CH2: four customer-supplied screws to fasten the shelf to the rack rails.
  • For the STK-RPS-150CH8: ten customer-supplied screws to fasten the shelf to the rack rails.
After installing the power supplies as described in Installing an STK-RPS-150PS in an RPS Shelf, rack mount the RPS shelf as follows:
  1. Refer to the installation guidelines (Guidelines for Rack Mount Installation).
  2. Install the RPS shelf into the rack (Rack Mounting the RPS Shelf).
  3. Connect the RPS cables and AC power cords of the power supplies (Connecting the RPS Cable and AC Power Cord).

Guidelines for Rack Mount Installation

The installation site must be within reach of the network cabling and meet the requirements listed below:

  • Shelf placement must be close enough to connect the 6.6-foot (2-meter) AC power cords from the power supplies to the AC power source.
  • One or two three-pronged power receptacles capable of delivering the current and voltage specified in STK-RPS-150PS and RPS Shelves Technical Specifications. One or two AC outlets on independently-fused circuits must be within 6 feet (1.8 meters) from the installation site. If there is an AC power source failure, this will prevent the powering down of redundant power supplies due to a single source power failure.
  • Power cords and type of outlet are dependent on the country. In the United States, one power cord with an NEMA 5-15P plug is provided with each STK-RPS-150PS.
  • An ambient temperature of between 32°F (0°C) and 122°F (50°C) must be maintained at the installation site with fluctuations of less than 18°F (10°C) per hour.


    To ensure proper ventilation and prevent overheating, leave a minimum clearance space of 3 inches (7.6 cm) at the front and rear of the unit.


    Before installing the shelf into a rack, ensure that the rack can support the device(s) without compromising the stability of the rack. Otherwise, personal injury and/or equipment damage may result.

Rack Mounting the RPS Shelf

To install the RPS shelf into a 19-inch (48.3 cm) rack:

  1. Position the RPS shelf between the vertical rails and align the mounting holes in the RPS shelf brackets with those in the rack frame.
  2. Fasten the RPS shelf securely to the rails using the customer-supplied mounting screws (four for the STK-RPS-150CH2, ten for the STK-RPS-150CH8).
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    Fastening the STK-RPS-150CH2 to the Rack
    1 = STK-RPS-150CH2 shelf 3 = Mounting screws
    2 = Rails of rack  
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    Fastening the STK-RPS-150CH8 to the Rack
    1 = STK-RPS-150CH8 shelf 3 = Mounting screws
    2 = Rails of rack