Installing a Single VX-RPS-1000 Power Supply in a Rack

To install the VX-RPS-1000 power supply in a 19-inch rack, you need four customer-supplied screws to attach the power supply to a standard 19-inch rack.


Observe all ESD precautions when handling sensitive electronic equipment.


Before rack-mounting the device, ensure that the rack can support it without compromising stability. Otherwise, personal injury and/or equipment damage may result.

To install a single VX-RPS-1000 power supply in a rack, follow these steps.

  1. Use screws (provided) to attach a long bracket to one side of the power supply.

    Use the holes closest to the rear of the power supply.

  2. Attach the other bracket to the other side of the power supply.
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    Long Brackets Attached to VX-RPS-1000 Power Supply
    Long mounting brackets attached to VX-RPS-1000 power supply
  3. Align the holes at the end of each bracket with the rack post holes.
  4. Secure the power supply to the rack with rack-mounting screws.
  5. Connect a power cable (included with the power supply) to the output socket on the power supply and the RPS input connector on the rear of the V400 unit.
  6. Connect an AC power cord (not included) to the AC power input socket on the power supply and to an AC power outlet.
    When power is connected, verify that the power supply‘s DC OK LED turns green. Verify that the port extender‘s PWR LED turns green.