Setting up the Wiring Closet

Be aware of the following recommendations for your wiring closet:
  • Make sure that your system is easily accessible for installation and service. See Rack Specifications and Recommendations for more information.
  • Use appropriate AC or DC power, power distribution, and grounding for your specific installation.
  • Use a vinyl floor covering in your wiring closet. (Concrete floors accumulate dust, and carpets can cause static electricity.)
  • Prevent unauthorized access to wiring closets by providing door locks. Install the equipment in a secured, enclosed, and restricted access location, ensuring that only qualified service personnel have access to the equipment.
  • Provide adequate overhead lighting for easy maintenance.
  • Be sure that each wiring closet has a suitable ground. All equipment racks and equipment installed in the closet should be grounded.
  • Be sure that all system environmental requirements are met, such as ambient temperature and humidity.


We recommend that you consult an electrical contractor for commercial building and wiring specifications.