Selecting the QoS Scheduling Method

QoS scheduling determines the order of QoS profile service and varies between platforms. SummitStack and ExtremeSwitching series switches support three scheduling methods: strict-priority, weighted-round-robin, and weighted-deficit-round-robin. These scheduling methods are described in Scheduling. Scheduling can be applied globally or on a per-port or per-PortGroup basis. If no port_list or port_group is specified in the command, the global scheduling algorithm is set and applied to ports that are not configured via a port_list or port_group. Specifying a port_list or port_group in the command configures the scheduling algorithm for specific ports.

QoS profiles can also be overriden on a global, per-port or per-port_group basis. If no port_list or port_group is specified, the global qosprofile configuration is changed and applied to all ports that are not configured on a per-port or per-port_group basis.

  1. Select the QoS scheduling method for a switch.
    configure qosscheduler [strict-priority | weighted-round-robin | weighted-deficit-round-robin ] {ports [port_list | port_group | all ]}


    In a SummitStack, the scheduling algorithm is automatically programmed by ExtremeXOS for the stacking links only, and will likely be different than the algorithm you select.
  2. Override the weighted-round-robin switch configuration on a specific QoS profile.
    configure qosprofile qosprofile use-strict-priority