The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

All tables and variables of this MIB are supported as read only. The comments here are abbreviated versions of the description in the RFC documentation.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
pwMplsTable pwIndex This table controls MPLS-specific parameters when the PW is going to be carried over MPLS PSN.
pwMplsMplsType This object is set by the operator to indicate the outer tunnel types, if existing.
pwMplsTtl This object is set by the operator to indicate the PW TTL value to be used on the PW shim label.
pwMplsLocalLdpID The LDP identifier of the LDP entity that creates this PW in the local node.
pwMplsLocalLdpEntityIndex The local node LDP Entity Index of the LDP entity creating this PW.
pwMplsPeerLdpID The peer LDP identifier of the LDP session. This object should return the value zero if LDP is not used or if the value is not yet known.
pwMplsOutboundTable All objects This table reports and configures the current outbound MPLS tunnels (i.e., toward the PSN) or the physical interface in the case of a PW label only that carries the PW traffic. It also reports the current outer tunnel and LSP that forward the PW traffic.