ExtremeXOS Cisco Discovery Protocol

Network elements exchange various information with neighboring elements that ranges from the switch IP/Mac addresses, switch names, versions of software, etc. This information is maintained in an Information Base, and management applications use it to create a topology map and manage the entire network. Vendor-specific discovery protocols are used to learn about network neighbor elements and their capabilities, and to exchange this information. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is a Cisco® proprietary protocol that runs between direct connected network entities (routers, switches, remote access devices, IP telephones) to provide information sharing capabilities. ExtremeXOS supports CDP, and is called EXOS-CDP.


The ExtremeXOS support for CDP has the following limitations:
  • SNMP for this feature is not supported.
  • You should use this feature mainly for the network-endpoint devices, but you can also use it in network-network devices that have CDP support.
  • When port access is controlled by net login, the port must be authorized before it receives CDP packets.

Platform Support

This feature is supported on all ExtremeXOS platforms.