Logging Into a Node From Another Node

You may log into any node in the active topology from any other node in the same active topology. If you do not know the slot number of the node to which you want to connect, enter the show slot command. You can Telnet to any switch that appears in the show slot command display.



If the node to which you want to connect does not appear in the show slot {slot {detail} | detail } command display, you can connect to the node through the its console port or management port.

You have the most control over the stack when you log in to the master.

  1. Determine which node is the master using the command show stacking.
  2. Telnet to another node using the command telnet slot slot-number .
    The switches must be active in the stack for this command to function.

You are not prompted for your username or password. You are logged in to the same account (with corresponding rights) with which you accessed the originating slot.

When the Telnet program accepts a connection from another node in the stack, it performs security validation. The master node validates all login security information (except for the failsafe account), regardless of the node into which you are attempting to establish a login. If you are not able to log in using your user credentials, use the failsafe account to log in.