Taking a Bridge Port Extender Offline

You can take a bridge port extender (BPE) offline if needed. Note that in a cascade, disabling a cascade port takes the directly attached BPE offline with any downstream attached BPEs. When a BPE is taken offline, its extended ports go into a link down state.

In a cascade, to take a BPE offline, use the following command specifying the cascade port that the BPE is attached to in port_list (do not use the all option):

disable port [port_list | all]



If the cascade port is part of a LAG, you must disable all ports in the LAG.

With a ring, disabling only the cascade or upstream port on a BPE results in a ring failover, so the BPE is not taken offline if only one connection is disabled. You must disable all ports that can connect the BPE back to the controlling bridge (CB). Also, if there are load sharing groups connecting the BPE to another BPE or CB, all ports in that group must be disabled just to sever one of the connections.