VXLAN to VXLAN Routing in an AutoBGP Network

Consider hosts A and B that reside within an BGP auto-peering domain. Hosts A and B are attached on two different VXLANs: A on VNI 1000 and B on VNI 2000. A connects directly to ExtremeSwitching -leaf1 on VLAN 10 while B connects to ExtremeSwitching -leaf2 on VLAN 20. The switches are connected to two spine switches of a different model using FBRC VLANs 100 and 200, respectively. In this case, all routing is accomplished through VLANs associated with VXLANs having VNIs. This configuration is valid and supported. In ExtremeXOS 22.5 and later, support routing in-and-out of tunnels (RIOT) (see Routing in and out of Tunnels (RIOT)) is supported, so underlay routing is not needed in this case.