Designing and Implementing a Highly Resilient Enterprise Network Using EAPS

Network managers can design and employ a highly resilient end-to-end enterprise network using the Extreme Networks switching platform and the EAPS protocol as shown in the following figure.

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Extreme Networks EAPS Everywhere

EAPS can be used in the network edge to provide link resiliency for Ethernet and IP services in a partial-meshed design. In the aggregation layer, EAPS interconnects multiple edge and core domains. When combined with VRRP and OSPF in the aggregation layer, EAPS provides the foundation for highly resilient IP routing by protecting against link and switch failures.

In the network core, EAPS is used with OSPF to provide a high-performance IP routing backbone with zero downtime or route flaps. Using EAPS and dual-homed server farms in the data center provides high availability for mission-critical server resources.

The collapsed core/aggregation layer and data center also make use of EAPS resilient ring topology to ensure network availability to all critical sources.