Routing in and out of Tunnels (RIOT)

VTEPs acting as Layer 3 gateways would also have to support routing traffic that ingresses the VTEP on a VXLAN tunnel whose next hop is reachable through another tunnel. In Routing in and out of a Tunnel, H3 determines that the gateway to reach H4 is VTEP A. Traffic from H3 is VXLAN-encapsulated with VNI “Red” and Layer 2 forwarded to VTEP A by VTEP B. VTEP A decapsulates the traffic, performs a route lookup, and then determines that H4 is reachable through VTEP C. VTEP A now encapsulates the traffic with VNI “Green” and Layer2 forwards the traffic toward VTEP C.

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Routing in and out of a Tunnel

Supported Platforms

Routing traffic in and out of tunnels is supported on all ExtremeSwitching Universal switches.